Pierced Earrings in Gold, Silver with Jet & Zirconia Stones in DYNNYRNE, Tasmania for sale

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This Costume Jewellery is MADE IN AUSTRALIA by BARCS & are of the HIGHEST QUALITY AND WORKMANSHIP - The Materials used are Hypo Allergenic
$18 a single Pair or $45 for the Lot ...............
This is a Group of Varied and Eye-catching Stud Earrings
The stud is placed at the Top in all styles which means they Hang pleasantly from the Ear
The Silver pair us a 1.5cm circle with a single zirconia stone 'floating' at the top within the circle
The Gold/Silver pair is bud shaped with 2 x gold & 2 x silver petals suspended from the top - very smart
The Gold Teardrop pair is a flat gold with a small round Jet bead centred at the base
The sum Value on the stand of the Earrings approx $105